Building materials

Improve your planning, your logistics and your versatility to improve capacity and efficiency.

A member of the AVFQ and the AFMQ, Progima has extensive expertise in optimizing assembly lines, plant layout and setting up planning tools. We advise you on equipment, automation and management infrastructure. Optimize the preparation / assembly ratio, custom manufacturing, yield and flexibility… and improve efficiency.

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Industry challenges

Take on the challenges of a highly competitive and rapidly changing industry.

Numerous mergers and acquisitions in the doors and windows sector

Frequent regulatory changes and seasonality complicating management and storage

Challenges of the furniture and kitchen sector linked to e-commerce

Variety of products and options posing labour, assembly and production challenges

Our experience

We help optimize your operations and performance.

Optimization of processes and organization

Technological optimization and Industry 4.0

Space optimization

Lean manufacturing

Industrial strategy


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