Optimize your efficiency and work organization to maintain world-class excellence.

Your sector faces strict regulatory and customer requirements. An active member of Aéro Montréal, Progima has been serving your industry for over 30 years. We can help you optimize your operational performance, from initial planning to factory layout and implementation of assembly lines, including automation and management infrastructure.

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Industry challenges

Meet the challenges of a highly demanding and competitive globalized industry.

Supply chain consolidation

Impact of global disruptions on supply, production and IR

Growing requirements from OEMs imposing investments in infrastructure and methods

Integration of Industry 4.0 to drive growth and improve productivity

Scarcity of labour and resulting challenges in optimization, computerization and automation

Our experience

We support you in optimizing your production and management.

Optimization of processes and organization

Technological optimization and Industry 4.0

Optimization of space and storage

Lean manufacturing / management

Industrial and logistics strategy

Industrial urban planning

Project management

Operational diagnostics


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