Industrial urban planning

Maximizing your relocation, expansion or new plant investment requires analysis and expertise in several aspects. We support you in the qualification and analyses of the sites available on the market and offered by your real estate broker.

Our services in industrial urban planning consist of support to qualify and analyze available sites, while allowing you to avoid the pitfalls that can have serious long-term consequences. Our primary objective is to maximize your investment over time. With the support and advice of our industrial urban planning specialists, you can be sure of choosing a site that adds value. Our analysis considers your current use and needs, as well as your forecasts for future growth or expansion.

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Increasing the size of your production space

Relocating part or all of your facilities

Building a new factory or expanding to keep pace with growth

Having valid information at all times to make the right decisions in real estate investment


We define a solid localization strategy

A plant relocation, expansion or construction project represents both an opportunity and a definite risk. Thus, the importance of having a solid strategy that considers every variable. Our industrial urban planning specialists ensure to clarify the blind spots that you may not have seen from the outset.

Zoning, permits, taxation and lending regulations

Infrastructures and public units

Certificate of authorization from the relevant ministry

Access to public transit

Availability of affordable housing

Environmental constraints: neighbourhood, fauna and flora

We analyze the project from every angle

To help you make the best business decision for your company and avoid pitfalls, we support you during the most important stages of the process, carrying out several in-depth analyses to guide you.

Analysis of the environment and integration with the urban fabric

Tax analysis and identification of available local subsidies

Analysis of road traffic around industrial sites

Analysis of the workforce in the short- and long-term

Due diligence during a promise to purchase, without bias on the transaction

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