Case studies

Optimization of work organization at Superstyle Furniture ​

The company acquired two factories in early 2022 and later combined them into a single facility. As a result of this change, the client was faced with the challenge of forming a cohesive team capable of meeting increased performance targets.



+ 60%

Productivity per operator

- 33%

Manufacturing lead time

Our intervention

The Progima team designed a phased industrial strategy for the acquired facility, implemented a pull-system, reduced manufacturing lead time, and increased the capacity of critical processes to lay the groundwork for growth. Optimized critical processes and factory layout, improved material flow, and improvements to the client's daily management system, planning and scheduling, and supply chain will enable the client's new operations team to meet its goals in the future.

About Superstyle Furniture

Based in Toronto, Superstyle Furniture is a leading Canadian furniture manufacturers and upholsters. For over 50 years, they pride themselves in making furniture to last for generations to come.

“Progima not only improved our manufacturing processes, but also drove the change in mindset necessary in our employees to prepare ourselves for growth.”

Angelo JR Marzilli, President & CEO, Superstyle Furniture Ltd.