Case studies

Optimization of operations management and selection of an erp at QTG

Taking advantage of a period of significant growth, the management team wanted to implement a more robust operations management structure to support business transformation and production optimization.




Delivery times compliance


Less time needed to produce quotes


Number of major processes to be computerized


Progima proposed an approach to implement simple and effective operations management processes. Once the foundations were in place, the client was able to better understand their critical needs and chose an ERP system adapted to its needs and in line with its business vision. By supporting the staff in the implementation of new business processes, Progima ensured that the new production planning and monitoring tools would bring the benefits anticipated by this project.

About QTG

QTG specializes in the transformation of mechanical and structural steel tubing, support columns, and finished and semi-finished products, made to measure. Formerly known by the names Quali-T-Groupe, Quali-T-Tube and Quali-T-Fab, the company today operates under the QTG banner and is dedicated to metalworking, in order to be with you every step of the way for your projects.

“Progima quickly understood the direction that the management team wanted to take in terms of optimizing management tools. Their experts have really supported us in this transformation. The vision developed and the system that was chosen will allow QTG to take a giant step forward!”

D. Laflamme, Production Manager, QTG