Case studies

Optimization of industrial strategy for Beaudoin

The chronic lack of manpower and significant limitations caused by the current organization of work and restricted spaces were hindering the company in achieving its growth objectives.



- 80%

Reduction of assembly time

+ 15%

Efficiency gain

- 50%


Our intervention

Our experts analyzed the timing and movements of certain tasks to determine how to reduce handling, as well as reduce the level of work in progress. Recommendations were made on the planning strategy to decrease the warehouse space required for products in process. A detailed layout plan was developed to allow the implementation of a new organization of work while bringing the workforce togetherin the same place as much as possible.

About Beaudoin

Beaudoin is the Canadian leader in the design and manufacture of bed frames and complementary accessories. With more than 135 employees working in its 3 factories located in Daveluyville, the company serves a network of major retailers in North America.

"The Progima team’s interventions were a decisive factor in questioning the ways we work. Discussions with the experts also reassured us on certain elements that we had considered, but on which we had not acted."

Brian Crochetière, General Manager