Case studies

New warehouse design and logistics strategy for Trux Accessories

In response to its impressive growth and with more than 80% of sales in the United States, Trux Accessories wanted to establish a distribution center in the Memphis area. The senior management of the company looked for logistic experts to assess possible buildings and propose potential layouts.



+ 45%

Increased storage capacity

- 50%

Reduced time in receiving

- 15%

Reduced costs for order preparation

Our intervention

The Progima team clearly defined the needs for warehousing, picking, assembly, shipping and receiving areas, employee services and administrative offices. The design proposed by our experts made it possible to maximize density and optimize efficiency. It eventually lead to the selection of the right building.​

About Trux Accessories

Trux Accessories is recognized as a leading manufacturer and distributor of lighting, chrome and stainless steel accessories for the trucking industry.

“Progima gave us much more than an assessment of potential locations and the preliminary layout of the warehouse. We got a new perspective on the optimisation of our operations.”

Andrew Fairlie​, Vice President, Operations, Trux Accessories​