Case studies

Design of a new modular factory for SM Construction

SM Construction's facilities could no longer meet the high demand for prefabricated modules. This situation jeopardized growth for the company, which is forecasting demand for its products to be 5 times greater than its current capacity by 2026.



+ 40%

Production efficiency gain

+ 650%

Manufacturing capacity

32,000 ft2

New plant design

Our intervention

Our experts proposed layout scenarios before proceeding with the design and construction of the new prefabrication plant for technical buildings. The new layout reduces labour by 40%, while increasing capacity by 6.5 times.

SM Construction

SM Construction, a subsidiary of the SM Tardif Group, is a general contractor specializing in the design and installation of oil depots, marine terminals, service stations, prefabricated technical buildings and commercial buildings.

" Progima’s feasibility analysis and design allowed us to optimize our investment plans and to plan company growth by moving from a very site-specific construction mode to organized and optimal manufacturing production. "

Geneviève Tardif, President and CEO