Case studies

Automation and digital transformation – Mondoux Confectionery   

Progima assisted the client team in the development of feasibility files to minimize technical and business risks at all stages of the transformation project.  Over time, the increase in capacity at the Laval plant and the automation of packaging operations will allow Confiserie Mondoux Inc. to access unparalleled production levels and enjoy the benefits of a progressive digital transformation.


+ 250 %

Production Capacity

+ 200 %

Production per Hour

In 2019, the company made the decision to increase the production capacity of its Laval plant in order to better meet the growth challenges facing it. Progima proposed to optimize the overall production and to include the 4 factories of the company in the reflection. An automation strategy has emerged and Confiserie Mondoux Inc. is preparing for a major transformation.​

Confiserie Mondoux inc. is a family business and a leader in confectionery since 1967.

"We knew where we wanted to go when we started the project, but we needed help to do it in a structured way. We wanted to consolidate the production of our various plants and seek better productivity. Progima proposed a methodology that allowed us to influence while taking advantage of their expertise. Their very pragmatic approach has allowed us to seize opportunities that take us much further than anticipated."

René Bérichon, General Manager